Topic: PhotoSynth Preview upload stuck in "Waiting to be processed" state

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d80n00b (Over 1 year ago)
Playing with the new PhotoSynth Preview. By mistake I disconnected my camera, so the upload of a new PhotoSynth failed. I reconnected the camera and created a new PhotoSynth using the same photos. However, the faulty PhotoSynth is still listed in my profile as "Waiting to be processed" and I don't see a way to delete it. Should I just wait for it to be removed?
PhotosynthTeam (Over 1 year ago)
Yep. This is our bug. It's actually 2 bugs. The first is that we show the wrong state. (State should be "uploading"), and the 2nd is that we don't have a way for people to delete this partial. We'll fix this, but until we do, this ugliness will sit there in your library. Sorry about that.