Topic: Will you ever support uploading a stitched panorama directly through the browser?

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NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Since you are now computing synths on the server, I was wondering if you might offer to stitch fused spherical panoramas on the server as well.

(If this is offered from your mobile apps, then I believe that it would be doing right by your users to give us a way to save the input shots separately from our phone/tablet to SkyDrive or our PC.)

If you're not game for running ICE on the server, I've seen people ask about uploading existing spherical panoramas (from the Theta 360, for example) directly to their Photosynth library through the browser instead of going through the mobile app.

It seems to me that if people use a panorama stitcher other than ICE (and/or use an operating system other than Windows + thus cannot use ICE or the Photoshop to panorama publishing plugin or the synther to upload) that having a well defined format that other panorama stitchers can output which users can upload directly to the website would get you much more imagery.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Over the years since the Photosynth mobile panorama apps have released, many users seem to have lost their interactive copy of their panorama through one circumstance or another, leaving only the flattened panorama in their camera roll.

I think that it would be a great service on your part to allow users to upload their flattened panoramas directly to the site and have them projected for interactive viewing.

Here's a recent request from December 2013: 
however there are many more over the past two and a half years.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Since I made this thread, I took note of a quote from the Photosynth team in another thread:
"We'd like to stitch these in the cloud to remove the requirement of using desktop ICE. It's on the list."

This will be a good step, however I still believe that the ability to upload an already stitched panorama from any program (perhaps from someone who uses Hugin or PTGUI) is very important.

This was emphasized (again) in a bug report by Zuper today:
Zuper (Over 1 year ago)
There are many tools to stich photos in panoramas, some better in certain situations, others better in other situations; what is lacking is a good site with a good viewer that host panoramic photos in high resolution. I found this site in PhotoSynth: the viewer works fine and there are no limits in the resolution of the panorama, the only flaw that affect their use is the lack of a simple UPLOAD  function of ready-panoramas. It should be very easy to who has designed a website that creates panoramas from 0% to 100%, allow a user to start from 90% (the already-made panorama) to reach the 100% (host and display).
I hope that this feature will be added soon.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
DishDesigner adds his request for directly uploading prestitched panoramas directly to in this discussion:
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Another vote for this from Andrew Mulholland on Twitter:
AaronPriestPhoto (Over 1 year ago)
I too would love to see this capability! I have many panoramas already stitched at a higher quality than ICE is capable of.
AaronPriestPhoto (Over 1 year ago)
A couple people today let me know about this Photoshop plugin to upload an already stitched equirectangular panorama, and I tried it out. It worked pretty well, but I noticed it uploads them to the old PhotoSynth site, not the new one. Any thoughts on that?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
The Photosynth 2 Tech Preview currently doesn't have any support for traditional stitched panoramas (panning photosynths are the closest it gets).

My expectation is that eventually all content on the site will be made available on the new site when it exits its Beta or 'Technical Preview' state.

If you want a link you can send to someone where they'll be presented with your panorama fullscreen, you can link them to the embed page for your pano.

This is just like the view link, except that you substitute 'view' in the URL for 'embed'.

Examples: (View Link) (Embed Link) (Embed Link with AutoLoad) (Auto Load + Play)