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Topic: boat tour Schottegat, Curaçao...

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Sorry to abuse the functionality of Highlights, but connections to other synths might be a type of highlight...
Please note that the capturing was a Photosynth 1 experiment back in 2010 with limited experience with Photosynth. Had a vague notion of doing some sort of wall type capturing. I cannot recall what the Ps1 result was like, but it certainly wasn't much to navigate about. At least this Ps2 set gives a useful viewing experience of the boat tour in the bay.
gtakacs (9 months ago)
I don't think that this is an abuse, but more of a clever new use for them. I'm glad that links are supported to allow this to work.
Nathanael (9 months ago)
I don't see it as an abuse either. 

Photosynth users were requesting the ability to create 'bookmarks' (highlights) with links to other photosynths since the first public release in 2008 and when highlights did finally ship in 2009 there was a constant request from users to be able to insert hyperlinks in them (mainly to other synths and panos).

It still isn't as seamless as I hope linked synths will be, but it gets the job done for now.
wideangle (9 months ago)
You're correct Nathanael -- Highlights currently support linking to other synths but the experience is not yet optimized for that scenario.  Something to look forward to in the future!

Anne (Photosynth team)
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