Topic: What quality differences are there between different devices?

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NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
It's obvious to anyone who's thought about 3D on the web that you'll have many different types of devices loading your site's graphics and not all of them will have the same GPU power.

In your spiffy debug panel, I saw you had four quality targets:
tablet/phone GPU
laptop GPU
desktop GPU
extreme GPU

On a couple of laptops the framerate was pretty choppy, so I went ahead and tried out the tablet/phone GPU setting (so far everything I've tested seems to default to laptop GPU quality) but didn't see any difference in performance (or quality for that matter).

Is this something that you have yet to implement and have simply set up the options to target different GPU power levels in the future or are you already loading different assets or using different effects when choosing different quality settings?