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Topic: My Mapped stitched panos do not show...

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They are ICE panos. They do have geo-tags, as shown on old site.
wideangle (11 months ago)
Can you provide a link to those panos?  Were they geo-tagged recently?  It can take some time for them to get indexed.
@wideangle. Forget this one Anne, my mistake, sorry.
NateLawrence (11 months ago)
I think that Joscelin already figured out what's going on, but if anyone else is experiencing something similar to this, note that you may have filtered to either only viewing your geotagged synths or only your geotagged stitched panoramas by clicking the word 'synths' or 'stitched panos' along the lower edge of the screen when viewing the map.

Compare this to how you can filter results on the current site's 'Explore' page ( ) by: 
All uploads
Only Photosynth 1 photosynths
All stitched panoramas (ICE + Photoshop + Mobile Apps)
Only mobile panoramas 
Only Photosynth 2 photosynths
In my case I happened to mix up synths :-( .
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