Topic: Request: Naming Pushpin Locations When GeoTagging + Auto Completing Them When Searching the Map

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NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
It would be really useful to be able to name the pushpins of my geotagged synths and panos and then have a word wheel auto completion happen when I begin searching the map when geotagging new uploads.

Often I will capture multiple synths or panos at a single location and to be able to search for my own name of a pushpin and choose it from a short list of results under the search box would often be much quicker for zooming to the correct place on the map than searching for a nearby landmark or address and then manually scrolling over to where the pushpin belongs on twenty new uploads.

Being able to select an existing pushpin for the location of another synth might be handy if multiple synths are in the same room, but equally important is to zoom to the selected existing pushpin but be able to create a new one for the current upload or drag the pushpin over a bit for the current synth's location without editing its location for other uploads.