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Topic: Wall synthing inconsistent...

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Creating different wall synths from overlapping subsets of the same superset is giving inconsistent results.
gtakacs (11 months ago)
Can you give some more details in how exactly the results are inconsistent. I assume that you have photos A-Z forming a wall, and you are creating separate walls from A-Q and F-Z. Is that correct?
Yes, that is a correct assumption. 
In A-Q, J-K connect fine and in F-Z they do not. So far I fail to get that. This is not restricted to walls either. But, these are captures from 2010, not having a neat path and angle. Shooting with a traditional camera (non-app) with Ps2 in mind does not give problems, I bet.
wideangle (11 months ago)
Could you also add some URLs to actual examples to help us understand the issue?  Thanks!

Anne (Photosynth Team)
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