Topic: Yes, we just deployed a minor update

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PhotosynthTeam (Over 1 year ago)
If you are noticing some slight differences after about 4:00pm Pacific Time on December 19th, it's because we just deployed a minor update to our site.  Some things we improved:

1) Improvements to some text (the delete dialog and the completion emails)
2) Better cursors in the new viewer
3) Buttons in new view page work better against backgrounds of all colors, and are aligned better.
4) More powerful "42" control panel. Be careful!
5) Settings in "42" control panel are now persistent across sessions. Be careful!
6) Fix to a pipeline bug that occasionally produced "oops" failures.
PhotosynthTeam (Over 1 year ago)
Please let us know if you see any regressions.
Also, I should note that we don't (yet) have an easy to use way to reset the state of the controls in the "42" panel to their default values. For now you have to remember what they were, or cast the following spell on your browser:

Navigate to (this page will change when we will push new update)

And then paste the following into the address bar + press enter: javascript:PS.Packet.ViewerOptions.reset()

Not ideal, we agree. We'll solve this properly soon.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Huzzah! New toys!

I like the new icons. The sharp opaque white against the translucent grey "sunglasses/smoked glass" look is a personal favorite.

One quick observation is that the point size does seem to default to 0.05 between reloads + other synths no matter how many times I set it back down to 0.01
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Oh, we lost the Inertia slider. That was a personal favorite. =(

I dig the loading bar. Any chance of that matching the highlight color on Microsoft platforms? Is that exposed to web apps?
I'm not terribly strongly drawn to the green-blue that is Photosynth's new primary design color.

Happy to see color balance compensation in there as well, which I assume is what we see in this old video after the 40 seconds mark:

Whoa! I just turned down polygon blending after enabling polygon color. This is almost as good as Seadragon's randomly colored tile mode! Win!

Map Visible at Startup doesn't seem to display the overhead map on synth load, if that is its intended function.

Enjoying trying different settings on the blending modes/options...

Haven't yet figured out console logging yet, though probably would if I were a web dev.

Don't yet understand lazy rendering's effects. Still don't understand the effects of the GPU power/quality targeted.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
As you mentioned, the controls/buttons at the lower edge of the viewer line up much better now when using a small/low resolution window.
I'd been contemplating reporting that they didn't before, but they do now. Good work.

I've just tested on Chrome 31.0.1650.63 on MacOS 10.9 so far. More to come.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Just came across a crazy combination of filters for a psychedelic synth viewing experience.

1: In the panel, turn on polygonColor and switch the blendingFunction to Sigmoid then refresh the page.
2: Adjust polygonBlending to a value of 0.5 and the blendingSigma value to absolute 0 (not even 0.01)
Enjoy. Give it a try on this synth, which was where I first used it:
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
polygonBlending's 0.5 value will have to be readjusted with every new load, it looks like.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
The Ancient Hawaiian Rainforest is pretty wild with those settings as well.


Is there any chance we might get a frames per second counter in the debug panel?
What do your testers use to measure this across browsers and operating systems?
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
I suspect that this was intentional, but I notice that the debug panel is now no longer accessible when in fullscreen mode.

I'd previously found it vexing that once used, I couldn't hide it in fullscreen, even when 'closed'.
I know that it's not a user feature, but I kind of wish that its visibility could be toggled by repeating 42 in the same way as the camera and map, regardless of fullscreen mode or retaining the 'close' to minimize it to the upper right corner.


I've also noticed that I can use the keyboard shortcuts immediately upon viewer load, as opposed to having to click the synth's photos once first (and thereby unintentionally stopping the slideshow previously).


Oh, and two new keyboard shortcuts: 
[F] key = toggle Fullscreen
[Spacebar] key = Pause/Play
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
One curious thing: 

What's the thinking behind showing the (+) and (-) zooming icons showing in global camera (I think that's fitting, by the way) but not when the synth's slideshow is paused and the opportunity to zoom on the individual photo is present?

I'm also interested to see the (+) precede the (-) since that is inverse to their arrangement on the keyboard as well as how western reading and counting flows.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Something I realized after my question about the zoom icons is that it appears that (+) has always preceded (-) in Photosynth viewers, which I guess makes sense since you would need to zoom in before you'd be interested in zooming out.


One little curiosity I noticed later on the 19th is that (whether by design or not) [ Spacebar ] actually will not always be 'Play' | 'Pause' (as it is upon viewer load) but will simply act as a button push for whichever icon was last clicked or tapped.

It just so happens (quite intentionally, I expect) that focus for [ Spacebar ] is intentionally given to 'Play | 'Pause' on viewer load or when the photos are clicked|touched.