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Topic: request: auto sign-in

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Now that we sign-in to Windows with Msft ID and almost all Msft services do not require a separate sign-in, could we have auto sign-in to Msft Bing Photosynth too? I mean that I do not even want to just click sign-in, like I have to now.
gtakacs (9 months ago)
Joscelin, I agree that this would be a very nice feature. I think that the only complication is that the Photosynth ID is not necessarily the same as the Msft ID. Though I agree that this should be unified.
This has bugged me for years.. every other site keeps me logged in for 30 days or so, on I have to login whenever I closed the browser.
Nathanael (9 months ago)
Photosynth ID  Msft ID?

If someone is using a Msft ID for Photosynth different from the Msft ID they use for Windows 8, then indeed they have a convenience issue for sure, as after having used the MSft ID for Photosynth in the browser, then all other MSft services accessed through the browser will try to sign-in with the Msft Photosynth ID.
Ah, some characters were not accepted.
Should read: Photosynth ID unequal Msft ID?
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