Topic: Highlight Caption?

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Joscelin.Trouwborst (Over 1 year ago)
In adding or editing a Highlicht, I cannot add a Caption, only a Note text. Is this a bug?
Joscelin.Trouwborst (Over 1 year ago)
I am going from the presumption that there is a difference between caption/title and note/description.
I feel that caption/title should contain the name (if available) of that which is to be seen in the Highlight, which could be linked to a Maps feature/place/location and/or a Wikipedia article.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
I would also like to see both highlight titles as well as descriptions, as in Photosynth 1's viewers and editors.
gtakacs (Over 1 year ago)
I don't think that this is a bug, more of a design decision; the validity of which I will not attempt to address.
chrysler (Over 1 year ago)
It's definitely not a bug, see the help section about highlights, it only mentions one type of description/caption/note.
Joscelin.Trouwborst (Over 1 year ago)
If we agree that it is not a bug, then what are the opinions? Seems Nate and I are on the same page on this. Anyone else some pro/cons?
wideangle (Over 1 year ago)
We made this decision based on the fact that many users only provide a title OR description and not both.  We wanted to make the process of creating a highlight as quick and lightweight as possible.  If there's strong evidence to suggest this is not sufficient, we'd be happy to iterate on the design in the future.

Anne (Photosynth Team)
Joscelin.Trouwborst (Over 1 year ago)
I feel this should absolutely be consistent with what Bing Maps is doing with a Maps feature. I bet they have something short as a Title/Name and may have further Description.

I feel we should have Highlight creation support based on the synths location/orientation with a list of nearby features from Bing Maps to link with. To do this automatically might be too much right now and turn out to be error prone.
Joscelin.Trouwborst (Over 1 year ago)
No wonder that the Ps1 Highlight Title box isn't used often, it can contain no more than (only) 20 characters. Now I recall abandoning it for that reason. I feel that brings doubt to the validity of the design reasoning for Ps2 as above.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
The short character limit was definitely a pain for both the title and the description in Photosynth 1 highlights.

I know that the reason for the short titles was that they needed to be no wider than the highlight reel on the right hand side of the viewer and I can also understand wanting to keep highlight descriptions reasonably concise but I found several times that I did not have space to transcribe the entire inscription on a statue that the highlight was showcasing, so had to make some creative edits to still convey the essence.

Far preferable would be to be able to include the entire inscription so that others could translate the text seen in the highlight, if they don't speak the observed language.


One thing that I miss about each highlight having its own title is seeing the synth highlight titles in the overhead view of a synth.

With Bing Maps on the verge of bringing back a 3D map control and synth linking also looming, I'd like that feature back.
Joscelin.Trouwborst (Over 1 year ago)
in support of Nate's comments.