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Topic: missing EXIF data

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ConsultD (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, Need your advice pls...I shot and uploaded 64 Images for a walk...but PS says nit can only use 40 of them for missing EXIF data??

They were all shot in one sweep, no changes to camera?

any idea?


ConsultD (Over 1 year ago)
I checked the Exif data, it is all there...

but no matter what I do, about 20 of the Images are ommitted

funnily, when I upload These Images for a seperate Sync, most of them work

What is going on here?

Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
I have experienced this same bug as well, though I haven't seen it myself since earlier in the preview.
christoph_hausner (Over 1 year ago)
I guess it'd be helpful for troubleshooting if you post a link to the synth and maybe upload one of the photos somewhere.
ConsultD (Over 1 year ago)
Hi Nathanael, Hi Christoph,

thank you so much...

here is the link

it omits the about first 8 Images and several later, I cant say which, so I put them all here to make sure

This is the mail from photosynth

Photosynth has finished processing your walk, and it's ready to view.
Open your synth by clicking the link below.
TEST Wunstorf Walk In
We could only use 40 out of the 64 photos you uploaded. (You might want to review why.) 

I really Need this to work ... any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


ConsultD (Over 1 year ago)
oh, and this is in the error Report

problematic photos

Photosynth omitted some photos from your synth for these reasons:

◦We couldn't determine their focal length. Preserve EXIF information in your photos before uploading them.

christoph_hausner (Over 1 year ago)
The warning is a bit misleading as the Exif focal length information is indeed present in the photos. The real issue is probably that you have a big jump between shots 6 and 7 and between the last shots. Try to make some additional photos to fill those up.
christoph_hausner (Over 1 year ago)
The U-turn 29 to 35 is a critical part, too, and could need some more shots in between.
ConsultD (Over 1 year ago)
ah ok, thank you!
ConsultD (Over 1 year ago)
great Support! thx!
ConsultD (Over 1 year ago)
oh...can I simply to say that U turn, make some extra photos and add them to the upload?? Or do I have to make it them all anew?
What is the best way to do this, any hints?

Thank you so much

ConsultD (Over 1 year ago)
correction: wanted to say: ...can I simply GO BACK PHYSICALLY to say that U turn, make ...
ConsultD (Over 1 year ago)
and if I can do that, do I have to number them accordingly, or does the System do this automatically?

Joscelin.Trouwborst (Over 1 year ago)
Hi ConsultD. No, currently one cannot add photos to an existing Photosynth. If you one wants to change anything in the collection of photos of a Photosynth, then one has to create a new Photosynth. Photosynth uses the order of date/time taken for its composition. So, it will be best if you assure the order of date/time taken in the properties of your photos to match the order in the path you want. However, if there is a flaw in the date/time sequence, Photosynth will still try to make the best match based on the images themselves.
christoph_hausner (Over 1 year ago)
To clarify on Joscelin's answer: you can try to use the same photos with some additional new ones, but you'll need to reupload all of them as a new synth. But given that the timestamps of the photos will no longer be correct it could be that your new photos confuse Photosynth.
christoph_hausner (Over 1 year ago)
The file names do not have any effect on synth quality/order.
ConsultD (Over 1 year ago)
Hi Joscelin, Hi CHristoph,

thank you so much for your help and Support...

got it nowe


NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
It looks like Christoph and Joscelin have everything covered for you, Dan.


If Christoph's assertion that the "We couldn't determine their focal length. Preserve EXIF information in your photos before uploading them." wording in the error message is merely the wrong error message to display in cases like this, here are a couple of similar previous reports which may help the Photosynth team in cross referencing what's going on. andyc1202: 
"The problem with the bk one is that it cant determine the focal length and i am to leave the exif data alone........never touch it i swear..." tksharpless: 
"Uploaded a set of jpegs having no focal length in exif and rightly got some left out of synth. ... I added correct Focal Length to EXIF and uploaded again -- and got same message."
ConsultD (10 months ago)

I again hgave this problöem in my new is a series of photos, so no missing data, staight walk, still about 60 % of Images omitted...why?


Nathanael (10 months ago)
I have also experienced this error several times recently, but as Dan says none of the photos are missing any EXIF metadata, so the error message is quite frustrating.

I visited Silver Creek Falls in Oregon with my parents on October 4th and took some shots.
One sequence was walking downhill on the part of the path which passes under the South Falls.
This walk was 321 photos long, so I put the first 200 in one walk synth  (which succeeded)
and the remaining 121 photos in a second synth (which omitted the first 41 photos in the sequence).
I then uploaded 40 of those 41 omitted images as a third walk synth which succeeded on their own.
Nathanael (10 months ago)
I had also shot the reverse path (uphill) which was 379 photos in length.
Again, the first 200 were put into one synth, which succeeded.
The remaining 179 photos were put into a second synth where 23 photos were omitted toward the end.
Interestingly, the last 8 photos in the sequence were included, while the 23 preceding were not.
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