Topic: Photosynth of WP8 not in Preview

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Joscelin.Trouwborst (Over 1 year ago)
When will new Photosynths with WP8 be uploaded to the new synther?
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
What is the question?

Are you asking when Windows Phone 8 devices will be able to upload photos to make the four new types of synths?
I'd think the answer is, "as soon as updated Photosynth mobile apps are released for the real launch of Photosynth 2014" (when it has left 'Preview' status).

That will come after any egregious bugs are fixed from the Tech Preview and synth traffic/volume is increased but you already know that, since that answer was in reply to your question.

If you're asking about stitched panoramas from ICE, Photoshop, or the mobile apps (including Windows 8.1 Camera, Windows Phone 7/8 'Photosynth' app, iOS 'Photosynth' app) not appearing in the WebGL viewer, that (as well as original photosynths) has been covered here: which you're also aware of.

Sorry, but I feel like I don't understand what it is that you're asking.
Joscelin.Trouwborst (Over 1 year ago)
Put differently. Why can't new material shot with WP7/8 and iOS app not be fed to the new synther automatically to be viewed in the WebGL viewer? They are of the new pano type. Are new apps needed here because the synthing is done on the device. Depending on the timeline of getting new apps out, it might be a good move for the new synther to accept material from the current app, wouldn't it?
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Well... I would have to disagree about the intention of the panoramas captured with Photosynth's current mobile app being that they be shot with parallax in mind.

The current mobile apps are intended to create traditional stitched panoramas (whether that be a simple strip panorama or a full spherical panorama).
Their tutorials for the panos made with the current mobile app emphasize that for fewer stitching errors, the lens should not change altitude, longitude, or latitude between shots. Example: + (Search page for 'bloopers')

This is emphasized again by Blaise in the TED Global 2013 demo: 
He begins showing shooting a traditional spherical panorama with the Windows 8.1 Camera app but then contrasts that with the 'arms' length' parallax panos in the preview like
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Nine months ago, David Gedye on the Photosynth team suggested: 
"What do you guys think about a hybrid approach: Low res stitch on the phone, but upload full frames and get a hi res stitch done in the cloud a minute or so after upload? Note that hi-res uploads would be too big do over 3G, and probably bigger than you'd want to do over 4G, so the scenario is more like: upload later when you are on Wifi. Thoughts?" Source:

Photosynth's current mobile panorama apps do not take a full resolution photo every time you tap the screen or move the center of the frame to the border of a previously captured image. They are all low resolution due to everything else that the phone is doing during capture.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
New mobile apps would differ to the current ones by (at the very least): 
1: taking full resolution photos 
2: knowing how to talk to Photosynth's web service ( ) to specify that they are uploading something different than 'CubePanorama'
3: uploading full resolution photos to be synthed server-side
4: having the viewer code to view something besides stitched panoramas.