Topic: Avoid black edges in panoramas

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WebsCreaciones (Over 1 year ago)
how can you avoid the back areas around the picture? When you export a panorama from ICE you cannot crop the picture...
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, WebsCreaciones,

Cropping the panorama in ICE before uploading would only mean less panorama and more empty space around the panorama.

Most of your experiments in taking panoramas so far seem to only take a single row of photos.
If you ware happy with only sharing that limited view, try uploading your photos as a 'panorama' style synth in Photosynth 2 via this page:


If you like how ICE stitches your photos into a single image and you don't want empty space around the panorama, then you will need to shoot multiple rows of photos until the camera has covered everything from the floor beneath it to the ceiling above it.

For the best results stitching full spherical panoramas, you should invest in a panoramic tripod head which will hold your camera's lens in the same position for all of the photos, which will make the foreground objects line up with background objects the same in all of the photos and make ICE's job easy.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Alternately, if it is not the scrolling past the edges of the panorama that bothers you, but merely the color black, you could download this free plugin for Adobe Photoshop to take a panorama from ICE, edit it with Photoshop to add a color of your choice above and below the panorama (and even text or logos), and then export it to host on