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Topic: Highlight Editor Bug: Missing Last Frame

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Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
In editing a fair number of highlights in the past few days I've repeatedly experienced the last frame being subtracted from my selection of frames to display the highlight on.

I believe that a commonality in tripping this bug is that the frame that I begin editing from is the last frame on which I want the highlight to be visible and I pull the frame when the highlight first appears earlier in the synth.

When the highlight is saved, the highlight disappears from view and I then have to back up at least one frame in the synth to see it again, enter the highlight editor, click 'Visibility' and 'edit visibility range', drag the selection back to cover the last frame again, and resave.

This second edit does appear effective at saving the desired range, but I would rather not have to edit every manual visibility selection twice.
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