Topic: Add location code to Photosynth

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NoSweetSurrender (Over 1 year ago)
I took several pictures for GIG Bing in Hi. I had my phone location finder on. It showed me on the map, etc. When I went to Share to get a URL to and credit the job as complete, it said my location services were not on. The instructions were to go online, on this web site and add the location.  There is no obvious place to do that. 

I would love to save my gig. The customer would love to save my gig. Bing would love to save my gig! Please help.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, NoSweetSurrender,

To geotag your mobile panoramas, you'll need to use a computer (laptop or desktop) with Silverlight installed. 
(Get it from ).

Then you'll come back here to the website and make sure that you're signed in to your account (as you were to post your question here).
When you load any of your panoramas, you'll be able to click the [Edit this panorama] button below the panorama viewer.

The URL for the synth and pano editor is the exact same as the URL for viewing it, except that 'view.aspx' will be replaced by 'edit.aspx'.

Example URLs: 

Anyone trying to follow an Edit link who isn't signed in as the author of that synth or pano will be redirected to the View link.