Topic: Is it possible to use more photosynths view modes in the same project (eg. walk + spin)?

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marras.stefano (Over 1 year ago)
Hi everybody,
is it possible to use different photosynths view modes in the same project (eg. walk + spin)?
HGREGG (Over 1 year ago)
Walk plus spin seems (loaded as a walk) to work OK - here's one I did yesterday 

I have also tried spin with a walk in it (loaded as a spin). It didn't work as well but a lot of that was my fault for uneven progress through the spin. Photosynth did warn me that some photos were at a different zoom level (which they weren't - I just moved further away) but I ignored the warning and it seemed to work, although jumpy from my bad shooting.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Technically that's what Photosynth 1 allowed you to do (the original Photosynth desktop application available here: ). 

You could combine all of the Photosynth 2 synth types (and more) into a single photosynth. 
The current drawbacks to Photosynth 1 is 
1) that it doesn't project the photos onto the point cloud's depth and 
2) only load each photo after you navigate to them, so moving quickly through them doesn't have the same effect as if they were preloaded.