Topic: You've talked about connected synths recently. Will you also connect stitched panos?

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Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Photosynth team, you've begun talking again over the past year about connecting synths to each other.

I assumed that this would eventually include connecting all uploads - synths (original and new) and stitched panos.

Recently on Twitter you said, "There are no immediate plans to support panoramas in the Preview site."

In the past, though, you've told me that, "We definitely are planning on fully supporting arbitrary resolution stitched panos in webGL."

Could you offer any clarification as to whether connecting synths will also include connecting stitched panoramas?

Are there simply too many inaccuracies in stitched panos (which are not taken with a panoramic tripod head) to make them useful for 3D reconstruction?

Perhaps you mean to have stitched panos hosted on the new site by the time you get connected synths working but neither is ready yet?