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Topic: Update Apps

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artbythor (10 months ago)
Wondering when the Photosynth apps will be updated for taking Walks, Walls, and Spins?
NateLawrence (10 months ago)
Hi, ArtByThor,

See David Gedye's answer when Joscelin Trouwborst asked about this earlier:

I'm just a Photosynth user like you (not anyone from Microsoft) but I've been following Photosynth since before they launched in 2008, so may be able to help answer some questions.

I answered a similar question by Scorpion4x4 yesterday:

I've added a longer answer to your first version of this question, explaining how photosynths + panoramas differ and how stitched panos from Microsoft ICE and Photosynth's current mobile pano apps are different from the panorama-style photosynths in Photosynth 2 (the Technical Preview):
NateLawrence (10 months ago)
I'm sorry. That third link to your original question is missing the end of the URL. Here's the right link:
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