Topic: I'd love to see Twitter Card support. What's the hold up?

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NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
For years and years now I've wished that content would preview on Twitter, embedded in tweets that linked to it in the same way that Vimeo or YouTube or Flickr or SoundCloud media does.

This allows Twitter users to check out that video/photo/panorama/audio without ever leaving Twitter.

I never looked into what was involved in getting this to happen. I just sort of assumed that Twitter did it for high profile media sources to keep their users on Twitter, rather than getting distracted on the target site and that lower profile media sites would have to beg and plead with Twitter to get their content respected in the same way.

Today I happened across old information that websites can do this for themselves by adding the Twitter Cards HTML code to their site.

So my question is, "What's the hold up?"
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Sorry. I accidentally pasted that URL twice.

I can understand if it's a viewer technology problem such as, 
"We only have a Silverlight viewer for original synths and don't want to spend our limited resources on porting the viewer to WebGL." 
or "CSS3 or WebGL aren't necessarily supported in Twitter client apps or on the platforms that people are using Twitter clients on."

That would certainly make an interactive viewer in a 'Player Card' prohibitive (although the video preview in the new player embed would provide users an alternative at that point).

I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this and see some progress if you have no objections as it's years overdue.
jafletch (Over 1 year ago)
This is actually something that we have planned to support. We originally applied for whitelisting approval at a time when Twitter acknowledged that their whitelisting process for player cards was backlogged by months rather than weeks. Just in the last few days we finally got a response to our request for approval and we were rejected. We are still trying to get the details on why we were rejected and correct any issues but this is still something that we plan to get working.
PhotosynthTeam (Over 1 year ago)
In case it wasn't clear, jafletch is a member of the Photosynth team. He's the clever guy who does the video and motion thumbnail generation as well as lots of other stuff include our "share" code.  Hopefully we'll get Twitter cards working soon.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Glad to hear it's already on your radar!
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
MSDN Channel 9 recently added a player card and reports that all files need to be accessible via SSL if I'm understanding correctly.

I'm not sure whether that's helpful information or not, but thought I'd pass it on.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Just saw the first sign of Twitter cards being applied to tweets with links to synths in them, but they're all returning 404 errors.

Example tweet:
Hopefully this can be fixed ASAP!
wideangle (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks for the report.  We're working on them write now and they should hopefully be fixed shortly.

Photosynth team
jafletch (Over 1 year ago)
We have been approved for player cards on Twitter for all new synth types! You may still see some of the 404s for more popular content that was shared and cached by Twitter before our fix rolled out but even those should expire out of their cache within the next few days. It looks like Twitter causes IE11 to fall back to compatibility mode so for best results try your second favorite browser :)
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks for the update!

I would just note that for IE 11 diehards, you can use the F12 tools and Emulation tab on the lower left to force Twitter to render in Edge document mode for interactive embedded synths.

Hopefully Twitter comes to their senses and stops forcing IE 11 to render in IE 10 mode soon.