Topic: Request: Allow Map URLs to view a List/Group of Users

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Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Being able to view a particular user's uploads on the map is very useful, however I'd like to be able to see the ability to view multiple users's uploads on the map.

This could be to view all of the geotagged uploads of:
:: someone like myself who has multiple accounts
:: a group of friends
:: a group of classmates
:: a group of Photosynth fans who are cooperatively synthing a location (but want to only see their own content there, rather than everyone's)
:: a family

I've tried modifying map links by listing multiple users after &user= and separating the usernames with commas or the HTML encoding for commas.
I've also tried adding multiple &user= to the end of the URL, however neither work.

In the first case, Photosynth's map page sees the multiple usernames and commas as one long username and thus cannot find such a user and in the second case, only the last listed user's content is shown.