Topic: adding photo after + viewing before stitching

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thedemin (Over 1 year ago)
I am using this software all the time and i think its great! 

But i have a few suggestions wich I think could really improve this app.. 

1. once I've stitched a photo, sometimes there are problems with the photo as you cant always view the photo properly before you stitch... so it would be a good feature if you could re-enter the photo and add photos and re-stich the photo.

2. I think before you press finish, there should be a way you can preview the photo in the 3d environment so you can see if there are any problems with the photo before you commit to 'finishing' the photo.. e.g. you should be able to enter a mode where you can normally preview the photos (even if it is really rough) just to show that it is ready to stitch... and if something has gone wrong with the photo e.g a car is halfway in the shot.. you should then be able to exit the preview mode and add more photos to the panorama (this would then solve the first problem)