Topic: Pull in comments about synths and panos from around the web and display them under the synth/pano

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NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Something that's sad to me is the lack of commenting and feedback on the Photosynth site. 

Somewhat because of this, a year or so ago I started searching for news of Photosynth on Twitter and both people who are sharing as well as their friends reacting actually comment a fair bit on their panoramas and photosynths there. 

I would like for the Photosynth website to show these comments from Twitter inline with native comments.

I imagine that the same is true on Facebook, when someone posts a link there. Since Facebook is more of a private setting, whether someone saw a Facebook comment under a pano or synth would depend on whether you were signed into Facebook and whether or not you were friends with that person. Thankfully all that and more is handled by Facebook Connect.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
I know that as a Microsoft team who doesn't bring in a lot of cash, it's important for you to support things like WLID (and honestly, I'm completely happy with that being the default), but comments would increase a lot if Facebook users who were already logged into their account could just start typing next to their avatar under a pano or synth and post their comment.

Allowing someone to simply comment by using a Facebook ID or Twitter ID couldn't possibly hurt. These wouldn't need to be separate accounts in your user database, but rather when a new user is signing up for a full account with their WLID, they could choose to add their Twitter and Facebook credentials and all previous comments they have made on the site under those IDs could then be associated with their proper WLID Photosynth account and username.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
If implementing the Facebook ID and Twitter ID integration is too much work or you aren't allowing yourself, policy-wise, then that's sad, (mainly because it's hurting Photosynth's community and livelihood in the long run). 

I'd still like the site to look for public comments on the web from tweets and pages where photosynths and panoramas here on the site are embedded or linked to and show that activity under the synth or pano.

Linking back to these sources of commentary could provide incentive to more sites to link to yours. I know that that opens the door to people wanting to spam you, but I think that you're clever enough to circumnavigate that.

I know that I'm always curious about where a synth has been mentioned or shared on the web. Others have also asked for these sorts of stats, similar to how YouTube provides information about where clicks are coming to a video from.

The main idea is to include commentary from around the web which you already generate.
VsKbPhotos (Over 1 year ago)
A Facebook page would be nice.