Topic: Upload HDMake generated?

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Bosco12345 (Over 1 year ago)
I use Hugin to generate my spherical panoramas because I need more tweaking than ICE can provide. So I have a final image that I want to upload to photosynth. I don't own photoshop (I use gimp), so I cannot use the plugin. I am comfortable using hdmake from the command line.

1) I cannot find a way to upload a hdmake generated project to photosynth. Is this correct?

2) I cannot find a way to feed my image into ICE so that it recognizes the 360 degree "wrap-around.

So am I looking at a feature-request, or is there another way of accomplishing it? TIA?

(P.S. For examples of my work, see and filter on "panorama". I've done and gigapan hosting, and hosted my own hdmake files, but would like to give photosynth a try.)
mattu (Over 1 year ago)
I've heard that some PS plugins can be made to work in GIMP.  For example see this tutorial: 

I'm curious if you've tried using this technique with the Photosynth plugin?