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Elie_Ziade (Over 1 year ago)
I'm really, really sorry if this has been posted here before, but I couldn't find anything about it....

So I'm wondering if it's possible to create links, say a specific picture in one photosynth, with a button on it that, when clicked, would move us to another Photosynth. Exactly like a virtual tour of, say, a museum would work...

Anyone got any ideas?
stardeelicious (Over 1 year ago)
i need that also
TonoS (Over 1 year ago)
i support you,
download uscapeit and you will see an example of this but I still haven't found how to do it.. hope photosynth can do it
TonoS (Over 1 year ago)
uscapeit is an app in case you're interested
RhettMelton (Over 1 year ago)
I'm interested in doing this as well.  I'll look into 'uscapeit', but I'd like something official if it's available
Anatolie_Golovco (Over 1 year ago)
like a 'highlight' with "jump" in other panorama at defined view. I will be great
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
This kind of thing was always planned for Photosynth (the initial vision was that by having all of our synths and panoramas online, Bing could connect our photos to each other online, but this part has not happened yet). 

This kind of thing was requested from the very beginning of Photosynth (years before panoramas were an option).

The most recent sign of activity in this direction was Bing's Read/Write World project which was announced in April of 2011 and talked about for the rest of 2011.
See for videos of the talks. 

Sadly, the Photosynth team has been completely silent about activity and progress on this project in 2012. Similarly, the Read/Write World team has taken down their blog, preview pages, and Facebook page.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Photosynth's primary strength was always automatic positioning of photos relative to each other in 3D space. Sadly, this was put aside when introducing panoramas. 

For me, panoramas will only belong on Photosynth when I can navigate among them spatially as I can between photos in a photosynth or link back and forth between photos in a synth and panos.