Topic: Upload Image File Sizes/Resolutions

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EdLee (Over 1 year ago)
I have a slow connection: about 1,300kbps down and 310kbps up. Before today I was able to successfully synth 1,499 photos at 640x480 resolution because the upload filesizes were not that big. Today Photosynth synthed 315 photos at 100% synthy, but all the photos are at 3072 x 2304 resolution, and the \%tmp%\Photosynther\images\ directory is 582Mbytes, and it takes a very long time to upload.

In each .dziz file, what percentage of the info is for image quality, and what percentage is for the Point Cloud? Maybe the Point Clouds are in other files separate from the .dziz files?

It would be nice for slow connections if there is an option to choose the "quality" of the Point Cloud (100%) and independently, the "quality/resolution" of the uploaded images (e.g. at 640x480), so that the user can sacrifice the image quality (say, 640x480) but still keep the Point Cloud at 100% quality.

You guys are great. Thank you.
EdLee (Over 1 year ago)
It made it! :) I'm quite happy with the Point Cloud:

I'd like to know if most of the .dziz files are image pixel info, or Point Cloud info, or 50/50? Thanks!
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, Ed,

I know this discussion is ancient history, but bumped into this topic today during a search and thought I'd give a quick answer.

The dziz files are pure image data. The 'DZI' is for Deep Zoom Image/Deep Zoom Item and the last 'Z' is for zip. If you rename or add the .zip extension, you'll be able to examine exactly what's inside.

There's more detail on this old discussion: