Topic: Related Synths'

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sndwa1 (Over 1 year ago)
When viewing a synth Photosynth builds up with a list of Related Synths. How is this determined ? It does not seem to be on number of tags matched or GPS location proximity. Of the four synths for the exhibition above I would expect (hope) that they appear high in the Related list as all the tags are the same, the GPS location has been set as the same (plus minus 5 meters), and the titles of the synth have the first two words in common.
Could a feature be included that would allow more flexibility for the “Related” items.
a)	Allow the author of the synth to set up to 4 (for example) authors specified related items.
b)	List synths based on the GPS coordinates – i.e. synths stacked on GPS coordinate distance from the synth.
c)	Matching tags.
d)	The way you do it now.