Topic: suggestions

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LikeRain (Over 1 year ago)
i want to take my synth with me on my iPod touch
(okay, i'm dreaming)

here is an easier one: 
make the time between slides in the slideshow configurable.

some general remarks:
* i think photosynth is great work so far. when i think on the math and programming that must be involved in this software, it's awesome.
* i find intersting that when i first visited the photosynth webside, the aim of photosynth seemed more or less to be to present your randomly taken holiday snapshots. now people take it serious and make photos especially FOR photosynth.
snorky2k (Over 1 year ago)
When can we export the point cloud data to a file or database?  Autodesk has a program out that basically allows you to make a model by drawing on the picture and adding scaling.  However, I believe that a model from the Photosynth point cloud would be more efficient and accurate and would only require scaling afterward.  Also, knowing that I am going to be Photosynthing my photographs, I plan on making sure that there is always a scale reference in there when possible.
LikeRain (Over 1 year ago)
both suggestions are done

Greg Pascale wrote a really great synth viewer for iPhone / iPodTouch where you can also configure he time betweeen slides in the slideshow ! Great job, well done !