Topic: Synths in the Forum

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Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Am I the only one who finds it strange to not be able to embed a synth that I want my fellow photosynthers to troubleshoot/critique on the forum itself?

I would very much appreciate being able to pull synths in and also collect replies to each one that would then appear in the comments section of the appropriate synth. This would require some way of marking which synth you were referring to in your reply if several were presented in one thread.

It also occured to me that you might not want your synth's comments to be filled with a technical discussion for the casual passerby which lead me to ponder two separate comment streams for a synth: the current one displayed by default and the technical advice one. Perhaps, if there is a worry with new users being confused or accidentally switching to the troubleshooting comments you could make it only visible to the synth owner and people who had already replied to it in the forum or had helped a given # of others.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
If the above comments are put into practise, I would say that some sort of menu in the authoring/editing menu of a synth should be available to start a conversation around it in the forum. This could, if presented correctly, be a way to spark feedback on a synth that might otherwise be overlooked.

I imagine that it would be very useful for beginners to be able to call out to the community for help simply by choosing things such as "Did this not turn out as well as you had hoped? Ask the rest of the Photosynth community how to make this synth better next time." or "Proud of this synth? Ask other people who use Photosynth what they think.", filling out an initial question (in the same manner as starting a new thread here), and having a thread in the appropriate forum be automatically generated.