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tlposcharsky (Over 1 year ago)
I would like the ability in a search such as "Grand Canyon" to choose to limit it to ICE Panoramas of that location.  I am a big fan of Photosynth, but must confess only upload now in Ice.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hear hear! I'm all for more filters in search results. Seeing as how this is already implemented in the 'Explore' page, I think we stand a fair chance of seeing this filter added to search results as well. 

I'm probably the other end of the spectrum. I enjoy making the occasional panorama and they are beautiful and easy to use, but actual 3D synths where you can move all around a place are so much more compelling to me, so I'd probably opt to filter down to only synths in my search results.

Presumably, when this functionality is added, the links would look like this:"Grand Canyon"&type=Panorama"Grand Canyon"&type=Synth

This also points back towards my wish that the site used Pivot for synth search and discovery or at least offered it as an option: