Topic: The Global Geo-Aligned Pointcloud in 3D

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Kanga (Over 1 year ago)
It may be that the pointclouds are so small and so few that they would be next to invisible when viewing the whole globe at once, but as more and more synths are geo-aligned, I would love to see all the points in all the pointclouds that have been lined up spread out over the curve of the globe.

Imagine an invisible planet against a black backdrop with nothing to tell you where the surface was (no textures and you can see right through the earth to the pointclouds on the other side) except for the full (not abbreviated a la Silverlight viewer) pointclouds to date - glittering and glowing. I would love to track the progress worldwide of geo-aligned synths in a visual manner like this.
Kanga (Over 1 year ago)
Ideally this could be a mode in the next release of Bing Maps 3D, but it would be absolutely fantastic to have this accessible here on the site as well. 

Since it's not possible to render that many points at once as a live calculation in Silverlight, perhaps a Windows Azure service could be set up in the style of Gaikai or OnLive (really Gaikai more than OnLive except implemented using Silverlight Smooth Streaming rather than Flash) where the rendering is done on the servers, but the view can be interacted with through a Silverlight interface and the updated rendering streamed back live as an interactive video feed.

If nothing else, a static 3D rendering as described above as a .PNG file or embed available here on the site that was dynamically updated every time that someone geo-aligned a new public synth could still be incredibly cool.

What do you think?