Topic: Keep old version of Photosynth online for Moonlight users

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WalterBE (Over 1 year ago)

I have just discovered Photosynth due to an item in about it. Seems to be a great thing. But I can not get it to work; I use linux, have the Moonlight 2.0 plug-in. I keep getting the message I need to install Silverlight.

From other postings I have the impression the situation is;
Photosynth needed version 2.0 but Moonlight only supported version 1.0
Now Moonlight supports version 2.0 but Photosynth has upgraded and needs now version 3.0

That way it will never work on Mac or Linux. 

Is it not possible to keep your old version of Photosynth online for non-Windows users? 

Somewhere in a corner on an old server? Mac&Linux users; that can no be a lot of traffic. And I am sure it would be appreciated.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Actually the regular Silverlight plugin *does work on modern Macs* - just not old PowerPC ones. I'm not fond of PowerPC Mac users being left out but even Apple's newest software has stopped supporting PPC. 

As Linux goes, though, you're completely right and I completely second your request. Either that or you second mine. 

Please see:
WalterBE (Over 1 year ago)
@Nathanael; So it is only the Linux&Co OS's that have a problem. And Mac PPC. 

That is not good for us. That is a very small user base. We are like the say on American television [BEEEP]!

Mayby inside virtual box ...
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Yeah, a virtual machine with Windows or MacOSX should work, but that's not ideal.

For what it's worth, Miguel de Icaza over at Novell lists Photosynth as being one of the top three Silverlight 3 apps that they're going to get working first (alongside the NBC Winter Olympics website and Monday Night Football).

See this post for more on that:
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Just so I'm being clear, Silverlight is used for viewing Photosynths, not making them. 

Making them will definitely require running Windows - whether it's a native installation or virtualized. If you're going to run a virtual machine to make your own synths, then you may as well use the viewer on the same VM.

Even though this workaround exists, ideally the Photosynth team will see fit to simply serve the Silverlight 2 viewer to Linux users until Moonlight 3 is finished, as we suggest. I think for usability reasons, the Silverlight 2 viewer+editor should be served by default to Linux users, with a link underneath each synth to test the Silverlight 3 viewer.

This needs to be addressed because Moonlight 3's final release is scheduled for September 2010, whereas Silverlight 4 is scheduled for a July 2010 launch, continuing the lag game.