Topic: Suggestion for the Forum

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Clayton.Scogin (Over 1 year ago)
Most forums have a search feature to allow users to research their question before they post a new discussion. This will help eliminate multiple discussions about the same issues.

Maybe look into Google's free custom search bar?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Yep, the forums should have a search box. 
Also see:

But as to using Google custom search... since Photosynth is a division of Bing, I'm thinking we'll not see a Google search box here. ^_~ 

I would more than welcome search results to resemble Zune search results, though. For example, categorized results like: 
Synths and Panos that matched your query: 
Users who match your query: 
Forum Topics that match your query: 
Synths and Panos near locations on the map which match your query: