Topic: New Features

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Danielkwalsh (Over 1 year ago)
I like the 3D immersive experience, but I have found that I also really like the unfolded image that results when one saves the panorama to one's photo album, because of the interesting warping of the image. The problem of unwrapping a sphere onto a plane has been studied, notably in mapmaking, when a map of the spherical earth needs to be constructed. However, there are many other projections that give rise to interesting-looking maps that are created by different unfolding techniques. For instance, the Peirce Quincuncial map is one of my favorites. Perhaps, there could be an option for various interesting projections. Also, a method allowing one to choose where the left/right bounds of the projection fall in the image would be useful, because often one takes a full panorama, but discovers that the edges of the image cut right through the most important part of the image. It might be interesting to allow vertical translations as well.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Daniel, the request for alternative or customizable projections of one's panorama before flattening to camera roll is a good one. 
It doesn't help us on our mobile devices and I'm not naive enough to think that it supports all of the projections that you would desire, but have you viewed a spherical panorama in Microsoft's previous HDView panorama viewer for Windows? 

Your other request about being able to customize the center of one's panorama before saving the flattened version to camera roll has been requested by several of us before, especially those of us who are familiar with Microsoft's desktop panorama stitcher ICE which contains this feature (and whose team worked on the technology for Photosynth's mobile panorama app).
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hopefully, some of that functionality can be brought over to Photosynth's mobile pano app, but since there seems to be a viewer technology roadblock inside of Microsoft with a desire for HTML5/CSS3 to be the solution, I am tempering my hopes in that regard. 

Perhaps the mobile apps will stick to C/C++ and DirectX/OpenGL and thus porting HDView tech will be easier or alternately web standards graphics tech will improve to necessary quality levels and all will be well.