Topic: Blaise Aguera y Arcas Photosynth demo

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Photo3dArtist (Over 1 year ago)
I recently have looked back on a ted demo of photosynth filmed in march 2007, and posted may 2007 here i enjoyed it very much and was inspired by the presenters enthusiasm and future suggestions about photosyth and the hyperlink images, but to my question when displaying photosyth he displayed capabilities of extra features in the interface , that seems to have never been seen on at one point it seemed as though he could have the capabilities to view the camera position much the same as over head mode here but not in over head and arrange the photos in various ways i was intrigued by this since i never seen it personalty before on a syth. so i wonder if he was using some sort of internet non connected photosyth exe or something like a beta, dose anyone know why it seems different and very functional , Dose anyone know what he was using and why it worked so well? thanks!
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, Photo3dArtist,

You are correct that he was using an earlier version of the Photosynth viewer. It is, in fact, the same interface from the Photosynth Community Tech Preview (you may see it called the Photosynth CTP). 

Before we could upload our own photos and make our own synths, everyone who installed the Photosynth viewer used that same interface to preview the five synths that the Photosynth team had put online. It had the button to view the cameras' frusta, another button which has since been removed for taking a circular aerial tour of the pointcloud, when switching to 2D mode, it always put the last photo that you touched in 3D mode in the middle and grouped the photos around it in a spiral based on how closely related they were to the current photo, and every time you opened a synth, it had a cool animation. 

Here's a screenshot:
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
All of these things have been taken out for various reasons.

As to the frusta viewing mode, there is still one Photosynth viewer around that will let you see them on the iPhone. If you can get your hands on an iPhone and want to try it, just search for iSynth and look for the Orbit Mode inside.

Another little trick in the current viewer is to enter Overhead View, then use the tilde key [~] to switch to 2D and then use it again to return to 3D. You won't be able to see all the frusta at once, but they will still appear in 3D as you mouse over them. This still isn't as good as the CTP version's frusta mode, but it's better than nothing.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
As far as the aerial tour, I think that it was probably removed because it only really worked well when your synth has a great pointcloud (and not everyone's synth does, especially when people were first learning how to make synths when it was brand new).

The same could be said for what was called 'splatter mode' (the spiral arrangement in 2D). It might be nice for synths that are 100% synthy but not so much with synths that break into several groups. It also carries the bad effect of not letting users ever memorise where certain photos are in 2D mode. That being said, I still wish that I could use it.

Even though I don't expect that it will ever happen, I did make a request for there to be a little Photosynth museum where we could view any synth we wanted in any one of Photosynth's different versions of the viewer here: