Topic: Upload photo from desktop to Photosynth Website

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blakerh (Over 1 year ago)

Mac user here. 

I hava Theta 360 Camera. it would be great to be able to upload those photos from my desktop to the Photosynth website with no application needed to do this. 

When I upload from my iPhone, the photos are shrunk and lose detail. 

Trying to get my full 360 hi-quality photos onto the photosynth site. 

Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, BlakerH,

I'm only your fellow Photosynth user - not a Microsoft or Photosynth representative. 

I do agree that for pre-stitched panoramas, direct uploads to the site make sense.

Originally did not host spherical panoramas at all but only photosynths. 

Photosynths are typical photos taken from many different locations all around a subject or scene with corresponding 3D geometry computed from the photos and because the photosynths were created on your own computer (the camera positions and relative positions of observed points in the image computed and the photos converted to a tiled multi-resolution format for streaming + zooming) the only way to upload synths to is via their application for Windows which does the photo matching.

When they added support for ICE's panoramas (and later Photoshop's panoramas) in 2010 the uploads of ICE's finished panorama was still done via the original Photosynth application for Windows.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
The panoramas from ICE and Photoshop can be many gigapixels.

In 2011, we saw the Photosynth mobile panorama app released, but because of the constraints of running an interactive shooting mode with 3D graphics, realtime image feature extraction, matching, + tracking, non-stop video display, and simultaneous image saving to storage, the resolution able to be captured is limited, thus limiting the resolution of the final panorama.

With any panorama, the cleanliness of the panorama is dependent on the camera's lens not changing position during capture. 
This is difficult with most mobile devices, even when utilizing a panoramic tripod head.

Thankfully (as I'm sure you're aware) the Theta 360's dedicated panoramic lenses are a superior way of capturing panoramas without introducing stitching errors as the only stitching is between the two lenses.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
However, as to your claim that the resolution that the Theta captures is not what is uploaded to, I am curious as to what would make you claim that.

Bear in mind that megabytes (file size - think weight) and megapixels (image width multiplied by image height - think surface area) are not the same value.

I am interested in your claim as another user "Brian" claimed the same thing in the comments on the Photosynth web log entry announcing Theta support.

He asks: 
Brian 8 Nov 2013 1:41 PM#

"Is there any way to take pictures with the Theta and not upload it through the app? The app uploads too low a resolution of the photo to use for anything. Why can't the photosynth software simply upload the image to use??"


The Photosynth team replied: 
Photosynth Team 9 Nov 2013 6:53 PM#

"@Brian. The theta is a fairly low-resolution device. We're showing all the pixels we get from it."
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
There is hope that we may see change in the near future, though. hasn't seen any significant development since 2010 when panorama support was introduced, however the team has recently been working hard on WebGL viewers for synths and panos and gearing up for Photosynth 2's more advanced synth viewer, so I'm hoping that we may see updates to how photography can be contributed as well.

If the Bing team is willing to spend the resources necessary to do the photo matching on Windows Azure instead of on our own computers, things could get much more interesting and we might finally see our synths and panos link to each other as well as to Bing Maps imagery or even photos + videos from the web at large, which is really where I want to see things taken.

For a list of signs of recent activity see this discussion:
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Brian, this doesn't address your question regarding the Theta 360, however if you missed the news yesterday, the new Photosynth Technical Preview is open to the public to apply for entry at and it does allow photos for four new constrained photosynth types to be uploaded directly through your browser which will work fine on your Mac as long as you have a modern version of Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. The viewer is now written in WebGL, which is a good improvement as well.

Learn about how to shoot the new synth types at
Also, watch a demo by Photosynth's manager David Gedye here:

Hope to see you synthing soon!