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Casey_boy (Over 1 year ago)
Hi guys,

There's been some talk in the Windows Phone 7 forums of the possibility of a Photosynth app for Windows Phone (it's based on silverlight) and I think that is an awesome idea. 

We take a few snaps on our phone's camera and can upload them straight to our Photosynth accounts (just like we can with Facebook) and then we can create a new synth. We could also view our current synths.

The new Windows phone could pull this off amazingly, but we could also have a Windows Mobile app. It could integrate into, for example, HTC Sense (or even just as a stand alone app) and we could again upload images into a new synth straight from our phones. 

How cool...

Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
=] It's a nice dream, but the catch is that all the calculations for creating a synth actually happen on your own computer while the photos are uploading.

I'm not sure if any Windows Mobile devices have the necessary horsepower to calculate a synth. They might display them alright but creating is another story. 

Windows Phone 7 devices will have a minimum of a 1 Ghz processor, so that may be more feasible as far as making small synths from the phone, but I don't know. The RAM would be pretty limiting as well as far as how many photos you could actually synth together. I agree that a Photosynth *viewer* for Windows Phone 7 seems like a no brainer, but mobile synth *creation* is still a bit iffy.

The only hope for mobile synthing is if the Bing team can fund a synthing service on their end that phones can simply upload photos to like you suggested but this is probably some time away as they have yet to even roll out Streetside Photos app to more than 3 towns.
chrysler (Over 1 year ago)
Looks like there is already something in the works along those lines, just found this app:

"This application recreates a scene using photos captured by the user. The interface is similar to PhotoSynth, but the method used to compute the geometric orientation of each photo is entirely different."