Topic: The Silverlight 3 Viewer and the Linux users' Story

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Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
I'd just like to be an advocate for Linux users. I'm sure the Mono/Moonlight team at Novell will implement Silverlight 3 compatibility as soon as possible, but for now, they are on the verge of Moonlight 2.0 final release.

I predicted this mismatch of Moonlight 2.0 release vs. the Photosynth Silverlight 3 viewer's release back when the Silverlight 2 viewer was promoted to the main viewer on the site. (See )

Perhaps you could sniff the user agent string of Linux machines and either serve them the Silverlight 2 viewer (and editor), or load the site as usual, but give them a choice to revert to the SL2 bits until Moonlight 3 is in a state of compatibility sufficient to run the new viewer and editor, as you offer the Direct3D viewer to Windows users.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
I know that there are a number of Mac users within Live Labs where your team was born and several of you have ties to open source software, so I expect that this is something that you would give serious consideration.

Right now Photosynth's biggest competitor is Google who is using Flash to power all of its web based Google Maps Photo Tourism-based goodness. That's what you measure customer satisfaction by. PowerPC and Linux users can use it. Linux users almost have a chance to use if you'll let them. If not you forfeit them to Google by default.

Photosynth is one of the best things that Microsoft is doing today and one the very best reasons to install Silverlight available today. Locking out Moonlight users just as they were nearly able to use is a surefire way to turn off every Linux user who was interested in Silverlight via Moonlight.

Think about it, guys. I'd love a written promise here to reach out to Moonlight users.