Topic: Tags to reduce computational time

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EdLee (Over 1 year ago)
It'd be nice to tag photos to tell Photosynth no need to try to match certain photos because we know there's nothing in common. For example: interior and exterior of a building have nothing in common, so don't waste time trying to match them. (This is the opposite of trying to tag certain photos that Photosynth has a hard time matching up; which is also a nice feature.) Perhaps use the "Comments" field of the photo file, with HTML-ish syntax <Photosynth tag>Exterior: Front door</Photosynth tag>. One caveat: just because 2 photos have different tags doesn't mean Photosynth shouldn't match them -- there needs to be some rules on the syntax. E.g. "EXT: Front door" and "EXT: Front lawn" should be compared, but "EXT: Front door" and "INT: lobby" no need to compare. It's tricky. But if done correctly, this could save Photosynth a lot of computational time. E.g. no need to compare the 700 Exterior with 700 Interior photos, but boundaries need to be matched. :)
Pierrot21 (Over 1 year ago)
We don't use the same program, and your is a good one if you think it is trying to synth all the pics one to every other one!
It's a bug I wanted to report: you first make a 100% synth with 30 pics (a test) and then you include this pics into 100 other pics, and they do not synth anymore !!!!!
The idea of using tags (in the exif-data I suppose) is a good one, to force a synth; it's what many (everybody?) synthers are asking, and is allready a big job to do (and to change in the program, I guess)
EdLee (Over 1 year ago)
Pierrot, thank you! Which program do you use, and do you know whether Photosynth's algorithm compares every photo to every other photo at least once? -- If that's all, then the computational time is "only" order O(N^2), but I suspect Photosynth's actual algorithm is exponential time, which is why a "do-not-match" tag would be very useful.
Pierrot21 (Over 1 year ago)
I was joking, ironic ;-)) Saying to the contrary that the program doesn't try enough and should work harder to match these pics we all find left out of the synth as we know they are 80% matching with another one.
The new feature I'm asking for the next version is an ability to ask for a harder calculating (fast/normal/complex) so we could make a first try, and if we don't get the normal 98-100% then we make another longer calculation.
If you find it's a too long time to calculate, don't forget you can start many synths and go to bed or go to work (but I fear some memory problems)
Sometimes I first try many little synths before starting the big one; so I better see what's going wrong (if I have to put more pics or remove some) ie search tag 'mamdijon'