Topic: How could I get camera matrix and recover the distortion of pics

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wangmeizhen (Over 1 year ago)
We can export camera information by "SynthExport.exe", including %     * Image ID
%     * Image ID
%     * Camera position X
%     * Camera position Y
%     * Camera position Z
%     * Camera rotation about X axis
%     * Camera rotation about Y axis
%     * Camera rotation about Z axis
%     * Image aspect ratio
%     * Focal length (relative to the size of the CCD)
%     * Radial lens distortion K1
%     * Radial lens distortion K2
How could I use this paraments to obtained the camera matrix? and also how to obtain the pictures without distortion with the help of k1 and K2?
WanderingArtist (Over 1 year ago)
Look up ImageMagick -distort Barrel "(distortion parameters)"
The only other alternative that I know of is to use OpenCV, but OpenCV tend to ignore color space, desaturate and decrease contrast of images.
wangmeizhen (Over 1 year ago)
Sarhat (Over 1 year ago)

Regarding Radial distortion (k1 and k2), they are really different from other radial distrtion recovered by Iwitness for example. K1 and K2 in iWitness for example are having 5 precision after zero, example(0.000002) but in Photosynth is only two precision after zero, example (0.002). Any one has got any idea why I see this difference.....