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MikeMcSharry (Over 1 year ago)
This is my first posting here for a while. I work with primary schools (typically 4yr old to 11 yr old) and have shown a few teachers photosynth and some of the opportunities it offers in a class. Initially, they just want to be able to use photosynth and include its WWOOWW factor in a lesson. This stuff is fantastic on a whiteboard.
I've put together a fiarly straightforward document linking to some synths I did.
I haven't quite got all the information in (what is the home button really all about!)
If any of you good folks would have a look and let me know what you think of the guide, I'd be very grateful.
please note - I'm not selling this guide in the future - I just intend it to be a useful resource for the teachers i work with and anyone else who would find it useful.
MikeMcSharry (Over 1 year ago)
sorry folks - I've just found out that the hyperlinks don't work from the pdf I created - so I'll put up the word documnet instead .. should be done in 5 minutes!
douglas (Over 1 year ago)
Hi Mike,
  it's great you are taking the effort to create this document.  Some feedback:

Home Button - this takes you back to the starting point in a synth (if your're ever lost in a synth you can click this to go back to the beginning).  When you create a synth initially the synther chooses and image it feels is the best starting point, but then you change change this starting image in the Photosynth Editor application.

"So – even though this process is consuming colossal amounts of computing power, this processing is being done at Microsoft and is being streamed to you over the internet." - The actual 3D reconstruction happens on your computer, the application where you select the photos to include is called the synther and it reconstructs the 3D scene on the users computer, no computing power is required on the Microsoft servers to reconstruct the scene.

MikeMcSharry (Over 1 year ago)
Hi Mark
Thanks for that - I've tried to write this manual for teaches who will only be using photosynth and therefore will only use silverlight to view them. In that case is it correct to say that 'the synth creator has used a special - free -piece of software to make the synth - which is then stored on Micorosft servers. When you acces the photosynths, your computer has very little work to do, and the internet traffic is lower than it would be if you were streaming videos'
The concerns that teachers have is will it break my computer and /or will it clog up our internet link.
Many thanks for your help
Peter (Over 1 year ago)
Hi Mike,

Good to see you're using photosynth in a class. 

It doesn't look like you mention the highlights feature which is a great way to draw people to certain parts of a synth and provide commentary. 

See the following synths for ways this can be used:

Highlights also provide a quick way to give the viewer a jumping point into different clumps. (Instead of going to 2D then finding another group of photos.); you can add them in the editing UI (same place where you do geo-alignment.)

MikeMcSharry (Over 1 year ago)
Hi Peter
Thanks for that info. - as you can see, it can be a little difficult for someone who is only using the 'viewer' feature of photosynth to get to grips with it.
I've changed the way I'm passing out the info. - I've discovered that in some of the schools we work with downloading from browsers is a bit restricted, so I've just completely re-wriiten it directly in my wordpress blog - I'll have a look at your suggestions later (I've also done some synths in local area - Bradgate Park and Bradgate Hous and one in Stockholm Harbour - which I'll revisit with your info).

here's the blog post for the photosynth user guide now and thanks for your input
MikeMcSharry (Over 1 year ago)
Hi Peter,
Thanks for your help - I've added the highlighter to my Barcelona synth, and later today / tomorrow I'll edit the usage details on my blog to reflect this.
I love Photosynth...
We are Microsoft certified partners, and our partner manager just called me - so rather than talk about boring old business stuff I talked her through my blog and the quarry synth. Now she's found photosynth, I think Tuesday may be a write off for her!!
Best wishes