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looperprod (Over 1 year ago)
would be cool to have links to points of interest in the synth.
you could set the position and zoom level and save and manage them...
users could take the tour or click the links
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, Looper.

Have you tried adding Highlights to your synths and panos?
This is how authors can add shortcuts to interesting parts of their own synths and panos.

If you want to get a link to a specific place in someone else's synth, click the 'Share' link below the viewer and you will get a URL to the specific virtual camera position and zoom level in either a synth or a pano.

If you're planning to post them in the comments of their synth, though, you might want to paste them into a URL shortener first, though, like
looperprod (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks for the reply Nathaniel. I should have mentioned I am using the new preview version and have created walls and walks. My plan is to embed a few walks in my blog. I thought a few links would help guide the users.

I see by using the 'm' key, it shows a map, maybe this could interactive at some point too.

Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Ah, I see.

Most of us are putting everything that applies to the Tech Preview up in its own forum (bugs, suggestions, praise, etc.)

As far as Highlights, the Photosynth team says that they do plan to bring them to the new Photosynth as well - that they just aren't done building them for the new viewer yet.

And as far as Share Links, those are reported to be on the drawing board as well (at least as far as linking to a specific image in a synth). Be sure to speak up there for your desire for share links to include zoom level.

Hope to see more of your thoughts! 
Don't be afraid to make some of your synths public too. ツ