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pcox (Over 1 year ago)
All  I'm just starting with Photosynth.  It fits a few good points but I would like to layer over a logo with an embedded URL for a publicaly available synth.  When would this functionality be available.  I haven't as yet seen and dev kit of detailed list of available settings.  Would be great to layer on a logo in a corner somewhere.
Nathanael.Lawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Yep. It's not available yet, but I can see the benefits. 

My only suggestions for the Photosynth team in implementing this is that if such a solution is offered, that the watermark system: 
1) fully supports alpha transparency and 
2) is capable of scaling with the viewer as it changes resolution.
Nathanael.Lawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Mainly I'm concerned that people would try to upload a little rectangular image file that has a coloured background hard-coded into the logo. Logos that have not been properly cut out to be surrounded by transparency will make Photosynths look super trashy.

Uploading either a PNG with full anti-aliased transparency, or a vector PSD or Illustrator file (which could all be converted to XAML for display as Expression Blend is capable of) would definitely be the way to go. 

An editor that helps the novice take a JPEG, BMP, or GIF (I shudder at the thought) logo file and generate a clean (anti-aliased logo edges) transparent background for it would really be the only way to implement this acceptably.
pcox (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks for replies.

Looking on CNN's implementation this should be enough, if we can add in our own text, they have CNN and the photographers name I presume.

Can this field become editable and made publicaly available, as CNN currently have this?

Not too sure about acalable to be honest.  Most people want to have the main image scaled but prefer to have little distractions, so I would say fixed sized no matter what size the main image is scaled to.
Nathanael.Lawrence (Over 1 year ago)
The author field isn't editable after uploading a synth. That's something of a different discussion, though.

If you want your own name listed next to a photo, you should enter the appropriate photographer's name into the metadata of each photo. 

This is considered the absolute basics of digital photography if you've taken even an introductory class at college in digital images. Fill in the metadata for Photographer or Author field (different programs name it slightly differently) and the Copyright field. This is so that in the case that someone uses your image without your permission you will have some evidence that it is yours (unless the thief also knows about metadata and has wiped it out =).

In any case, if you have Adobe Bridge, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Microsoft Pro Photo Tools, etc., etc. then you can easily do this. For that matter, you can also edit this from Windows Explorer in Windows Vista and Windows 7 (and in XP, if you have the right plugins).
Nathanael.Lawrence (Over 1 year ago)
That won't get you a hyperlink to a site or a graphic logo, but you will have learned an important lesson in digital imagery and will be correctly taking advantage of Photosynth in that regard.

In case I haven't made it clear, if all the images are taken by one photographer, you can easily highlight all appropriate images at once in the tagging tools and enter the photographer's name in all of them at once. I'm fond of synths where it is clearly noted that different photographers took different shots. In the future of Photosynth where different public synths that overlap or are near each other on the map begin to link themselves together automatically, having your name on your photos becomes even more important as your photos become mixed with others'.
Nathanael.Lawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Lastly, I should point out that even though photos have an explicit 'Copyright' field, this is not what Photosynth pulls the information from when collecting the text for the photo license that you mention. As mentioned above, look for the 'Author' or 'Photographer' field.
pcox (Over 1 year ago)
Many thanks Nathanael for you many and thourough answers.  I'm looking for some support from a manufacturer ( boat ) related but I prefer this to CoolIris to be honest and your replies are MUCH quiker and more knowledgeable, accurate and so on..
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
I should also note that if you develop your own software or have the funds necessary to hire someone who could develop a little program for you, you (or the software developer that you hire) could look into a Commercial License for Photosynth ( ). 

This would give you or your hired gun the ability to embed the Photosynth viewer inside your custom application with custom themed controls, etc. Examples of this are the Stargate Universe site which includes photosynths of some of the sets of the spaceship 'Destiny', the Sherlock Holmes web game which is promoting the recent movie, and Bing Maps Beta which changes some of the Photosynth UI. In SG:U's case depending on what image you're located at in the synth, the HTML captions off to the side will change, in some cases even offering links to other secret synths. 

Most importantly, in your case, this could give you the ability to insert a company logo and hyperlink into a synth.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
For poorer users like me, however, the Author field is all the further we can customise things for free.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
It also occurs to me that while linking from the Photosynth community out to your website may be one excellent way to drive users to your site who would not otherwise have visited it, there is a strong case for simply embedding the synth on your site, whether it is unlisted or public. It wasn't clear to me, skimming back over your posts whether you were aware of that option or not, but if not, simply use the angle bracket icon to the right of any synth to obtain the HTML code.