Topic: Suggestions for improvement

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huckrorick (Over 1 year ago)
Photosynth is an exciting program. Is it being actively developed and improved? 
If so, I have a few suggestions: 
1. Adding photos to an existing synth. The ability to add photos to a synth without having to start over would be a very important capability. 
2. Deleting photos from an existing synth. This also seems like a critical capability. For example, I would like to make a synth like the example you give of the Grand Canal. I have many photos of a spot. Initially I would include them all. However, some prove to be redundant or simply distractions, or don’t look good. To create a really useful and elegant synth I need to delete some of the photos. It should be easy to do this. Just click on the photo and if you don’t want it in the synth, click Delete. 
3. Creating links between photos where Photosynth didn’t find them. A number o synths I have created don’t link some important photos. I could make the synth work well if I coul