Topic: Viewer rated highlights

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Mister_Blondie (Over 1 year ago)
I don't wanna clog up your suggestions box but..

When browsing a 'quick synth' that has been created without any highlights it would be a good addition to be able to rate a photo out of 5 (am thinking a faded column of 5 stars off to the left that is one-click-rating) and when a threshold of ratings is met it could be added as a 'viewer rated highlight', the viewer-rated highlights would need keeping separate from the creators highlights, but this would increase the pleasure of navigating larger synths as more good shots get found by Joe Public.
TonyErnst (Over 1 year ago)
Mister_Blondie - This is a good idea, but honestly we need to have more success in getting users to favorite synths as a whole before we would consider doing this for individual photos within a synth.  (I notice that you don't currently have any favorites.  hint. hint :-).  I'd love to hear any feedback you have on how we're doing it now.  Thanks!
Mister_Blondie (Over 1 year ago)
Hmmm favourites eh?   Okey, time to figure out the buttons :p
Mister_Blondie (Over 1 year ago)
Ok, a collection of favourites has started..  I think I had overlooked favouriting synths because I have mostly been browsing through the map - it would be nice to have a button on the map view to add to favourites, rather than having to browse to it using the other methods before being able to favourite it.
Mister_Blondie (Over 1 year ago)
One quick thought on increasing viewers favouriting-it would be nice to have some carrot to make people favourite more, one common software carrot is a 'suggested synths' being a part of a 'your favourites' section (I'm thinking of the World Music picture from seadragon while I write this listening to LastFM :).  At the moment favouriting synths doesn't appear to have much to it other than to pimp the rating of synths in the 'top favourites' section, and, if people click a name they can view others.

To make more people favourite I would look into two more options to the Explore page below Map Explore
   Your Favourites (view on map would also be nice ;)
   Suggested Synths (link by similar geotag/country, link by common favourites with other users; by tag; 'follow user' to get updates on new synths by an artist; list users who like it; and on and on)

This would definitely drag favourites to the front rather than having it as a bit of a bolt on?
Mister_Blondie (Over 1 year ago)
Also keep up the good work on these forums, it good to see this material being collected, analysed, and responded to.  Kinda makes me feel like a part of the birth of a revolution!  Even if it's as a front end user :p