Topic: Is Editing possible?!

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Want to be able to edit out black spots in Photosyths. Don't always spot missed bits in the Apple Ap before stiching. Some could easily be retouched in something like photoshop.. Come on, please!!
Can't always reshoot an otherwise perfect picture! Darth Vader like Stealth fighters are not always a good look. Not to mention feet or thumbs. Any suggestions?
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, Frisbeecat,

Your request is not a new one, but no, Photosynth does not currently offer any image editing capabilities for stitching errors.

You would need to use something like the panorama publishing plugin for Photoshop to upload edited panoramas to Photosynth's website. You can read about it and get the download link here: I should warn you in advance that it is not really designed with editing panoramas from the mobile app in mind. What I would do is to use iTunes to sync the input photos for your pano to your PC, use either the free Microsoft ICE panorama stitcher ( ) or Photoshop Photo Merge to automatically stitch the pano to a layered Photoshop file (you'll find this in ICE's dropdown list of export formats), then edit the pano in Photoshop to your heart's content before uploading to the Photosynth website. Here's the official Photosynth weblog about the Photoshop plugin:
DaveP2307 (Over 1 year ago)
I would like this feature too. Maybe a Save Project function to make adding and removing shots easier. The new version could then be recompiled and perhaps,  achieve that magic 100% Synthy!
In the meantime adding all the photos into a folder on my PC and then editing them there, before adding them to a new Photosynth, is the best way I have found so far.
Good luck, Dave
bluebottle (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, I was just reading the above post by 'natelawrence' and would like some more info about

"What I would do is to use iTunes to sync the input photos for your pano to your PC, "

natelawrence, would you be able to provide more instruction on your process of retrieving the input images from an iphone please.

Kind Regards
bluebottle (Over 1 year ago)
just an additional note to my above post...

* my input photos do not save to my camera roll. 
* I am using iphone app version 1.1.5 (the latest version I believe)

reading through other posts, I am getting the impression that for some other people their input photos do save to the camera roll...
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)

Unfortunately only the earliest versions of Photosynth's mobile app saved the input shots to your camera roll. 

For quite some time now, only the flattened stitched panorama is saved to your camera roll.

You can still take that JPG and use it with the Photoshop plugin to edit and then upload to your account.
Imran_Anwar (Over 1 year ago)
We know Photosynth will not merge photos perfectly, and pretty badly where things like long straight lines are involved, e.g. Bridge to my right going over a bay and the shoreline and sky horizon in the distance, the horizon often comes out looking like a square waveform because one of the shots is stitched in incorrectly. Why not let people have the ability to download the JPG stills and use some other program to stitch a memorable moment. Otherwise, knowing the risk of of not having a good panorama AND not having access to the still shots is a massive incentive to not use the program. Just my 2 cents.