Topic: exporting and on PC viewing?

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adrienk (Over 1 year ago)
Hi ! 

I have been using  Photosynth for a long time on my iPhone, and I was wondering if there was a ways to look at the panoramic picture on my pc not online (with the 3D like if I were in the picture) 

thanks a lot ! 


Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hello, Adrien!

The normal way to view your panoramas from the mobile app (or full resolution panoramas on Photosynth's website created on Windows with Microsoft ICE or Adobe Photoshop ) is, indeed, to view them online.

If you have taken photos for a panorama with your phone (just with the regular camera app - not with Photosynth's mobile pano app), you can stitch them on Windows with Microsoft ICE and export them to a 'Deep Zoom Tileset' and then view them interactively on your own computer by having the HDView viewer (actually a higher quality panorama viewer than Photosynth's) installed.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Photosynth's website has never officially supported saving your photos, panoramas, etc. back to your computer, but community members who are programmers themselves, such as Henri Astre, have created a way to download the individual photos in photosynths. 

Perhaps, he will also create a way for us to download our own panoramas and save them in HDView's format or possibly even convert it to QuickTime VR's format.

(Note that photosynths and panoramas are two different things and that the iPhone app can only create and open panoramas at the time of this writing.)


Although I am only your fellow user, I think that your request is a good one. I wish I could link you to a simple solution but, as far as I know, one does not exist yet.
adrienk (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks a lot Nathanael, I almost found what I was looking for thanks to you ! 
the last step is how to read a jps file on photoshop (panoramic projets from ice) 
if I can do this I will be able to easily rework the pictures in a bulk without doing it with every picture that I have done to do the panorama. 
I you don't have the answer do you know someone at MS that could help me? 

thanks a lot again :)
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
You're going beyond my knowledge as far as wanting Photoshop to open ICE's .spj project files. 

I would advise you to look up Matt Uyttendaele or someone else on the ICE team:

I don't know if this gives you what you want, but in ICE, in the list of formats which you can export a panorama in, you can choose to export to a Photoshop file - either layered or not. This gives you the blended panorama as a base layer and then the individual photos warped and arranged (but not blended) in separate layers above that (assuming, you choose the layered format).

It's also worth noting that Photoshop does have its own panorama stitching mode called Photo Merge. Results may not be as good as ICE, but it's worth mentioning nevertheless.

That's about all the more I know to tell you at the moment.
I hope that helps.

Your fellow photosynther and panner,