Topic: Augmented Reality View

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TonoS (Over 1 year ago)
I have been showing my panoramas to my family and friends, and I realized that they didn't felt in the place, and a panorama is for you to get in the place
That's why I suggest you to add augmented reality for viewing panoramas, with this feauture you really get how the place is like

if you want to have an augmented reality view(with a panorama you made with photosynth) you will have to:
1- download pixeet 360 from the app store (it's free)
2- tap open panorama, then search for a photosynth panorama on the camera roll and tap it
3- tap the augmented reality icon on the bottom right to turn on augmented reality
4- Start moving your iphone,(like if you were capturing a panorama on  photosynth) to view the panorama on augmented reality

I really want this feauture, thnks
Congratulations for the app