Topic: Come on microsoft give some cloud :)

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Photo3dArtist (Over 1 year ago)
If cloud computing was integrated into photosynth and done with a steady hand
photosynth could blossom into something quite amazing, 
 some which could be so by using Microsoft's cloud 
I vote for no more silly app that you download and install to input prosess
and upload your pictures to the site. i love photosynth but most 
sites these days are one single entity of exspernce not somthing that asks u to install itself into you computer and use up your time and processing power. 
no guys it needs to be automatic. im here oh make synth button that looks cool
 wala! a uploading window pops up. on the side theres two space for your email and pass and bellow spaces for new users type in , no on the right after allowing acsess to your directory setup you go to the folder where your picture are or if you havent already put them on you have a choice to do from a tab 
from then on selecting pictures a name syth and start possessing which takes place off site :)
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
First of all, I do not work for Photosynth and I don't know what they are planning but this exact same idea has come up many times before. Here are some of the most recent times.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
To encourage you somewhat, though, synths should be linking together and that will likely be done in the cloud. I think that is what David is referring to in the last link of my previous comment.

For more on synth linking see this old thread:

You'll probably also be interested to read over last year's research from the crew at University of Washington and Microsoft Research (who did the original Photo Tourism research which the current version of Photosynth is based on). It's pretty likely that it will be what synth linking is based on and I would say there is a fairly good chance that it will happen in the cloud.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
I should also mention that Bing Maps has begun to start synthing geotagged+creative commons licensed flickr photos onto their Streetside panoramas in the cloud, so there's a beginning of what you're asking for happening already.

Check out the videos in this link for more information.
Photo3dArtist (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks Nathanael, didn't know about the flicker thing, that's interesting.
jamiet (Over 1 year ago)
Having a client app do all the work makes complete sense to me. Why should Microsoft use up their own datacentre resources when they can use idle CPU cycles on the millions upon millions of computers in people's homes around the world.