Topic: Synthing Online?

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momers (Over 1 year ago)
So i cant install Photosynth on my PC and neither do i want to bother with the number crunching on my PC...slows me down.
So like all nice cloudy apps, why cant i just upload my photos and photosynth generates the syths online?!
I returned to this app after a year or so...and guys, the paradigm has shifted for skipped my memory and i never realized i will have to install something to get this done (thanks Google!).
Why would i/should i do it on my PC when i have to share it on the internet any way?!
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Why can't you install Photosynth on your PC? I don't understand.

In answer to why Photosynth doesn't perform the computer vision on Microsoft servers, the answer is that, as you noted, the computing power can be significant for large synths. 

Watch this video to have some of the Photosynth team explain for themselves exactly why they do it this way:

One of the many reasons why synths are upload only is because they can be quite large if there are many images or large images in them (or both). Because of this, they are automatically put where anyone can get them and the parts that someone wants to look at are streamed to them so they don't have to download the whole thing before looking.

Both Google and Bing are using Photosynth-like image matching on databases of photos - Google with Panoramio + Picasa geotagged photos and Bing with Flickr Creative-Commons geotagged photos.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Here's another discussion about the same idea, if you're interested in an answer directly from David Gedye, the Photosynth Group Program Manager.
momers (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks Nathanael.

I can't install since I have restricted rights on my work PC and this is the only PC i have :) I CAN have it installed but that means a trip to the IT desk.

Yes computing power is required for this and that is exactly why some big company should be doing it on its own servers!

This is the cloud era now...where Google will take anything you want and put it on its own servers. My question, rather surprise is that MS is not taking that route...or hasn't taken it so far...OR at least for Photosynth, a cloud based solution was something maybe they don't want to invest in?

But it all depends what MS thinks it can get out of by making their servers available for storage and processing. Google always had a plan in retrospect and that has simply spoilt me!

The last link you share raised the same issue...glad to see that!