Topic: Not really a feature request, but a request of features

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tbenedict (Over 1 year ago)
I'm reading through the threads here, and thinking through feature requests I would make, and I came to a realization:  Some of the feature requests I'd make wouldn't necessarily move Photosynth in the direction the architects behind it would want it to move.

Good case in point:  In the past I asked if it would be possible to export the point cloud.  I'm thinking of Photosynth as a method for doing photogrammetry.  But is it the photogrammetric aspects of Photosynth that's driving further development, or is it the photographic and physical appearance of the synths that's driving further development?

Rather than go off on a personal tangent on features I'd love to see, for which there may be zero interest, I'd be interested in hearing the vision that the developers behind Photosynth have for it.  Where do YOU want to see it go?  What is the next step that YOU see?  Given that, I can probably prune my current list, and maybe come up with new ones.


Tom -- Sorry this has sat for so long without an answer. To answer it now...

In general we aren't aiming Photosynth at the photogrammetry community, but at the wide set of Internet enthusiasts and companies who want the world to see both the big picture *and* the details of a particular place or object.

As you'll see from today's updates, we are trying hard to extend the useful reach of Photosynth: Moving the viewer to Silverlight means that it will reach many more people; allowing synth owners to create highlights to guide their viewers makes navigation much simpler for everyone.

Over the coming months you'll see us continue to improve the navigation, hopefully making it easier and more rewarding to use the technology.  We're also working on an important feature we call "synth linking" that will allow much larger scale experiences than our current 300-photo recommended limit allows.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.
tbenedict (Over 1 year ago)
This helps.  I need to play with the new updates and see what options that opens.  But in another way this also helps me with how I should be photographing stuff.  Up 'till now the bulk of my synths have been aimed more at making nice point clouds, but aren't all that navigable.  Photographing for easy navigability is a different prospect.

Food for thought!  Thanks!

Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)

Will synth linking involve server side synthing of the photos of several synths, an updated synther that pulls down the necessary data to crunch on and then pushes it back to the server, or more of a manual process? Blaise was always such an advocate in public of the benefits of pushing the synthing out to end users except in cases like mobile synthing. Is keeping Photosynth away from being an Azure type application still something that your current team is concerned with or will features like synth linking simply necessitate moving steadily in a heavier server side operation?

Also could you offer any clue as to when we end users will be able to view our synths in context in Virtual Earth 3D? I'm quite anxious to get a look at that, even if it shows up the imperfections of my synths. I seem to recall that being fairly far down the to do list, but I'd be happy to be surprised.

Thanks for anything you're able to tell us.